Tooth Cavity: How to avoid it

Having a good oral health requires Not being lazy or nonchalant.
Tooth cavity is a result of oral bacteria acting on food residue/ particles in the mouth. And a good oral hygiene goes a long way in preventing cavity.


Once tooth cavity sets in, the pain can become so unbearable and then leads to extraction of the tooth. Preventing it is quite simple, one just have to adopt a kind of lifestyle that involves the following hacks;



Aside being a sweetener, sugar is quite endangering to oral health.
Microbes in the mouth tends to act on sugary foods. sugar breaks down into ‘sucrose’ which is the substrate oral micobes acts on to produce an acid that demineralise the outer surface of the tooth (enamel) thereby leads to cavity.
Sugar can’t be totally avoided cos of its sweetening ability. So, to prevent tooth cavity you can opt for other sweeteners like honey.

Drink water


Apart from the oral health, water is essential for the general health.
Drinking water helps a lot with dehydration, digestion & absorption e.t.c.
When you drink water, the salivary glands are stimulated to produce more saliva. An increased quantity of saliva in the mouth protects the mouth, by cleaning it, removing food debris and making the microbes in the mouth dormant.
I know that drinking water can be sometimes ‘bland’ that you crave some flavour, adding lemons to water helps with the taste. Thereby achieving a good oral health..

Too hot foods
In a state of utmost hunger, we tend to rush our foods not necessarily paying attention as to whether the food is hot or spicy or sour.
There are numerous times when Iย  use my mind over the state in which my food is all because I’m hungry. Its good to eat while the food is hot, but there should be a limit to the hotness.
If you are someone that loves eating a very very very hot food then you tend to damage your ‘tooth enamel’. And if the enamel is weakened, it becomes soft then creating a cavity in the tooth .



One of my favourite desserts is chocolate. I mean, ‘ who hates chocolate?’
Having a sweet tooth is what puts me in trouble * grins*. Even though I know eating chocolate sometimes is unhealthy.
A friend once told me eating 1 or 2 bars of chocolate once week is healthy, but something she didn’t tell me is the danger of chocolate to the oral health.
Chocolates are sticky. Do you agree with me?
They tend to be messy sometimes too.
And chocolate being sticky is what destroys the tooth. When stuck to the tooth, it gives the microbes in the mouth something to act on. And before you realise it, cavity sets in.
So, if chocolate can’t be avoided then ensure none sticks to your teeth.

Brushing / flossing
Brushing twice a day helps prevent tooth cavity. Also, flossing after a meal when neither toothbrush nor toothpaste is available is important.
But alongside these( brushing/flosssing) is ensuring you use a flouride- based toothpaste.
Fluoride is known to be a natural inorganic chemical that helps prevent tooth cavity by stregthening the outer surface of the tooth (enamel) to avoid bacteria attacks.

Do you know about any other lifestyle hacks to avoid tooth cavity? Pls kindly share by writing your comments. Thank you!!..



10 thoughts on “Tooth Cavity: How to avoid it”

  1. Follow below mention tips to prevent tooth cavity.

    1) Brush and floss regularly.
    2) Use mouthwash.
    3) Make dental visits a routine.
    4) Eat tooth-healthy foods.
    5) Skip the sugar

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