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Is there forever?

A question I ask myself every now and then, “does this mean forever?”

As I sat at the breakfast table this morning eating breakfast, I looked at the plate of food in front of me and wondered “will this meal finish?”
“Can’t it just increase miraclously and last me forever?”


Yesterday in church, the pastor prayed and said “brethren, blessings last forever for those who believe in God”.
Does that mean all I have to do is believe in God to be blessed forever?

We all have dreams and aspirations. My future wish list still have many things that have not been crossed out yet.
Is there enough hope to help me fufill my dreams and sustain me forever? So that when I look back at my wishlist there will be no regrets.

Do I have enough courage to withstand any problem? What if they keep coming? Will I still have courage to face them forever?

Is there life after death? What If I get to live only once? Then I don’t get to live forever?

They say “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Will I forever be beautiful in your eyes (@future beholder)? Even when I’m old and stricken with grey hair?

Dad, you said “I will always be your little queen”. What then, if I grow up? Do I still get to be called the queen?

Do I get to laugh always & forever?

I remember Be my forever- by Christina Perri..In her song she said, “will you love me forever?”
But is love enough for forever?

Do you also ask if there is forever?