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“Yay or Nay?”


Energy flows where intention goes
so, create your day




||Choose ‘a’ choice||

Life offers two choices;
Either you;
     surrender or give it your all

                      – dahlia

       #choose ‘a’ choice#


-Shadow of footprints-


With the rains, soft sand and idle time, I find myself making lots of footprints lately…hhha, idle time? Yes..I’ve got it, just free like a highway.
To say, footprints have shadows…√corrrect. And the shadows happens to be oneself is… a super duper truth..
A buddy of mine always say this;

“How can he be somebody?”
If everybody is trying to be somebody, and nobody is helping him be somebody.

Well the answer is this M:
      “Only YOU can make YOU“.

-Asking the WH- question narrows the numerous unanswered questions.
-Asking the TH- question helps with your scale of preference.
The economists say “an economic good should be;
-Scarce/useful/be transferable”.
I propose a good decision also must be;
2. Useful to yourself and others
3. The end-result transferable.

Whether its making a footprint in the sand or concrete. It boil down to ‘where you should make a footprint’.
Is it where water can easily wash away? or where you go back years to come and see your footprint then you can proudly say ‘I made this footprint, so you are still here’.

Which is it, ‘Sand or Rock?’